Quick & Simple Brush Cleaning Routine

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Over the last year I have researched and tried such a variety of products and processes to clean my makeup brushes. Most of these worked to some extent but there is one combination that does an outstanding job and it only uses your basic household items. Essentially costing zero dollars if you already have these products!

- 1 CUP warm water
- 1 TBSP dish soap
- 2 TBSP white vinegar

PREP // 
Gather all of your dirty makeup brushes, necessary ingredients, and set up a station near running water. 

Following steps one and two depicted above combine the soap and vinegar into the bowl of warm water. I typically just use my finger to mix these products together. When I first started using this process I did measure out the ingredients but quickly began to just eye it as you will begin to see what amounts work best for you and your brushes. 

Depicted in step three I will either just swish my brush around through the liquid or if it is a particularly dirty brush I will allow it to soak for a few moments. Once I can see that the brush is clean I will move onto the step four. As you can see in step four I will then hold the brush under warm running water. I usually move the bristles around just to be sure the makeup has been removed all the way down to the base of the brush. 

Once clean I will shake out the excess water, reshape the bristles of the brush, and lay it out on a towel to dry. At this point I will then repeat the entire process on the remaining brushes. When I am cleaning ALL of my brushes I will usually refresh my water, soap, and vinegar 2-3 times through out. 

Let me know how you clean your brushes or if you try this particular combination? x

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  1. Does this work for both synthetic and natural brushes?