About Me.

HELLO! I am Anna Grace and if you are reading this than you must have stumbled upon my little space in the internet! I am a interior designer, blogger, and day dreamer currently living in the Midwest. I am a fairly recent college graduate as of Spring 2014. My current mission is to figure out exactly what it means to be a 'real life adult'. Sense the day I read my first blog many many years ago all I wanted was to have one of my very own. You can expect content based on my loves of interior design, beauty/fashion, and general adventure. Every day I discover a different direction I would like to take my content so I am very much still discovering the exact vision and purpose of this space. I invite you to join me on this journey and I would love to get to know you along the way!


10 Random Facts About Me

1. No matter what the book is I will always read the last chapter at some point before I actually get to it. I just have to know if its a good or bad outcome and then I will continue on with the tale. 

2. I am an introvert through and through, but I didn't really realize that I was until about three years ago. Needless to say it explained a lot of the confusion in my life. 

3. I always have to have a drink with me. Whether its coffee in the morning, water during a meeting, or a drink while out for dinner. I am what my friends and I coined a very 'beverage oriented' person. 

4. Television shows are a BIG part of my life. Now this is something that I know I should cut back on, but there are just so many good shows out there to keep up with. Currently I follow Scandal, Nashville, Mindy Project, The Bachelor/Bachelorette to name a few... 

5. Gray weather is my absolute favorite. I love rain, overcast weather, thunder storms, brisk air anything that most people will qualify under "dreary". Much like the sun makes people happy, the gray makes me happy!

6. One word. Leggings. I am a leggings fanatic. Now I haven't done a recent count of how many I have but I can assure you it is well into the double digits. Not to mention I have an entire business plan saved on my computer based off of my great love of leggings... 

7. I was born and raised in the same house my entire life in Indiana. As much as I love to travel and the buzz of cities, hardly anything beats driving through the Midwest in the Fall when the leaves are changing and the combines are out in the fields. Something about it is so comforting to me. 

8. I love food. When I say I love food I do not mean I am a foodie. Because I love tacos, potatoes, and cheeseburgers and all the food that is qualified as unhealthy. As much as I also love my fruits and veg there is just nothing that beats a good solid bad for you meal. 

9. Spelling is my number one downfall in life. Not due to lack of trying or parental instruction growing up my brain simply rejects the idea of spelling. Hence why my hand written notes and sketch books are full of something I have coined as "creative spelling". 

10. I have an individuality complex as big as the state of Texas. I am not quite sure if this is something you are supposed to admit outrightly but its difficult to be around me and not pick up on it. Sometimes its a good thing and other times its a bit of an issue but none the less its just another little things that makes me ME!