Five Friday Favs :: A Bit Late This Week

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Here's what I have been loving this past week. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

 01 Currently Jamming To… FOUR

I am a shameless lover of One Direction. Call me basic if you must, but there is something about those boys that just makes me adore them! There album FOUR that came out a few weeks ago has been playing non stop; first thing when I wake up, during my commute, and while I am working. There is just something so grown up and wonderful about this album. They have done away with the cheesy, sugar coated songs (I still love those too!) that filled their previous albums and have a much more mature feel surrounding these new songs. My favorite songs are Night Changes, Girl Almighty, and Spaces. Check it out!

02 Can’t Stop Wearing… Boots

Obviously this is the prime time of year for boots of all kinds, but I am talking about one pair in particular. My black studded short boots from Target. I purchased these because I loved them but I had no idea how big of a part they would play in my daily wardrobe. I purchased these in September and I easily wear these 4-5 times per week. They just give any outfit whether it is grunge, girly, or business an extra punch.

03 Inspired by… Interior Renderings

As an interior designer I typically love most things that have to do with interiors, comes with the territory but when Apartment Therapy posted a collection of interior renderings I was absolutely taken by them. This was my favorite one for sure. This has re ignited my interest tackling water color. We did a very brief time in my Interior Renderings Class on water color and it has always been something I have wanted to revisit when I got the free time. I am thinking of doing a few to accompany some up coming client work. 

04 On my Face… Milani Rose Femme Lipstick

I purchased this lipstick in the summer without swatching it and it turned out to be a much more browny mauve then pinky pop color. So i didn’t get much use out of it but coming into this Fall I have been wearing it non stop. The formula of this lipstick is so comfortable to wear. I have been going for a basic nude eye and this brown lip and it makes a very warm clean look that I am loving. 

05 Scrolling Through… TUMBLR

As of two weeks ago I had never really understood what Tumblr was but I got curious about it and have not looked back. I am OBSESSED with it. I did have to do a little research about how to use it just because it does’t make a ton of sense at first, but once I got going I have not stopped scrolling on the addictive site! Above is a screen shot of my page! I dare say that this has replaced Pinterest for me at the moment. Its just so artsy and is fun to scroll through all of your posts. If you have a Tumblr let me know in the comments! And if you don’t you should try it out!

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