Fifteen Aspirations for 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

I have never been so excited for a the beginning of a new year. Every year sense I can remember a new year simply marked the start of the second half of a school year, but not this year! Over the last six months sense I graduated college and made the grand return back to my home town it feels like I have been in a constant state of self reflection. Reflection on this time of transition that has been inspiring, depressing and at times a bit life changing. I cannot be more excited to stop reflecting and start making changes in 2015!

In 2015 I Aspire To...

1. Move out and begin a new adventure.
2. Create a budget and stick to it! Keep track of my receipts...
3. Put an end to my cycle of procrastination. I will be productive!
4. Stick to a schedule, find the value in sleep., and be on time to appointments/meetings.
5. Intentionally push the limits of my comfort zone.
6. Make spontaneous decisions. Practice living in the moment!
7. Be more intentional in my long term relationships and with my newly found friends.
8. Find a charitable organization that I can be a consistent volunteer with.
9. Become more active and informed of the blogging community as a whole.
10. Grow my photography abilities. Save up for a nice camera!
11. Learn how to hand letter and actually do it!
12. Discover a type of workout I can do consistently and actually enjoy.
13. Simply, read more books.
14. Take the steps I need to move forward in my design career. Continue to chase the dream!
15. Create three blog posts a week here at byAnnaGrace!

What are you most excited to accomplish in 2015?

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