Saturday Scribbles.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My day of the week has always been Saturday, Saturday mornings to be exact. When I was little I would dream of my wonderful Saturday morning adventures. I would always get up before everyone else and go to my parents room, they would inevitably be trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep so they would send me off to do a project. I made some of my greatest creative discoveries in those moments spent alone with just me and my craft supplies. Working tirelessly to create a new invention or to just glue a hundred pieces of paper together, I was so excited to spend my time as I pleased just creating what I loved. I miss those Saturday mornings. As I got older I fell more and more into the temptation to sleep away my day and if I had to be awake I was meeting with someone or frantically working on an assignment. I want to take back my Saturday mornings by creating a weekly post that we can share over our coffee that inspires creativity and adventure in all our hearts. So here is the first edition of Saturday Morning Scribbles.

One gals opinion on staying curious as we grow up. P.S. this blog is my new favorite, so chill.

My 2000's Disney Channel fangirl heart was so excited to discover Ashley Tisdale's new lifestyle blog!

As a girl that was raised on Star Wars I am so excited for the new addition to the collection this winter, but maybe even more excited for Star Wars makeup collection by Covergirl!

I've been listening my way through this list of 15 Noteworthy Podcasts By Creative Women

Have you heard of the show Astronaut Wives Club? If you the love space and 50s fashion than you will adore it. Not mention you can binge watch the entire mini series on Hulu!

Nobody wants to be that person that orders off the "secret menu", but this list of Panera menu hacks has me very tempted. Avocado everything.

I have a life long love of cabins and wilderness living which means when I saw this modern, minimalistic oasis I immediately packed all of my belongs and was on the next flight out...unfortunately only in my mind.

Are you in need of a website to waste all of your time and money on?! Here you go. 

When searching for a bit of Fall fashion inspiration I happened upon WATCHABUY. A website that essentially publishes collections of fashion inspiration based on season and occasion. Obsessed.

A Beautiful Mess put out their Pumpkin Spice Playlist today. Give it a listen, all kinds of festive!

Happy Weekend!

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