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Monday, December 14, 2015

From my iPhone, flying over Chicago

We are all just people going places; by foot, by car, by plane. Today I find myself sitting on a bench, by a well hunted outlet, in a random terminal at the Philadelphia airport. I am on my way back from a week celebrating a life long friends special special wedding day. And if experiencing a major life event beside my oldest friend didn't already have me sentimental enough, traveling has my thoughts going a mile a minute. Planes take us home to family, away on great adventures, from city to city for work, but a plane ride to me is always an exciting journey. I don't fly often enough that it has become a laborious task, but it still continues to be exciting for me. There is almost nothing I love more than to watch people going from place to place. With my ever so active imagination I find myself creating narratives for these individuals. Are they going home? Could they be taking a journey to the other side of the world? Will they be happy with where they end up? Are they going home to deal with a family tragedy? Will they have a joyful reunion at the airport? The questions could go on for days, but there is just something about airports always gives me perspective on life. It reminds me just how big the world is and it reminds me of all the possibilities that are just around the corner. It is such a literal reminder of how quickly things can change. Here one second, half way around the world the next. As a girl that tends to get taken with daydreams, I often feel trapped in the day to day routine that my life currently abides by. Get up late, rush to work, sit at my desk, stay late, go home, fall asleep, eat dinner, and start all over again. But sitting here today I am reminded that this is not my forever. Something as simple as a three hour layover on my way back to the Midwest reminded me it was okay to dream again. Because we are all just people pursuing our dreams and we are all crossing paths as we travel to our next destination along the way.

Here's to the daydreams that will become my next adventure!

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